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Brian DiZio


Brian DiZio

Hometown: Bedford, Massachusetts

College: American University '15

Degree: Business Administration

Prior Experiences:

Brian’s interests have always resided in community, sports, and academics. At college, he has continued his community interest through founding Unfused, and working with Horton’s Kids in the spring of 2014. Regarding his interest in sports, he has played a year of club baseball and frequently plays pick up sports. Lastly, he currently holds a research position in the Math department, developing novel algorithms in the signal processing field. He will continue to give his best all day, every day.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

I am passionate about working at Unfused because of the people we work with, our cause, and everything I get to learn along the way. The people on our team and the people we meet are intelligent and inspiring. They keep me at my best while giving me life perspective. I believe any student should be able to succeed, and should receive the help they deserve, regardless of their socioeconomic position in life. I will continue to absorb every business, career, and life lesson available.

Known Around the Office For:

His raggedy Red Sox hat. Go Sox.