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Dana-Marie Sutherland


Dana-Marie Sutherland

Hometown: Summit, NJ

College: American University '17

Degree: Business Administration

Prior Experiences:

Dana is a member of the 1955 club, an organization of envoys, ambassadors, and peer mentors for Kogod School of Business. For two years she has also been a Teacher’s Assistant for a summer STEM Program for students grades 4-12 with the Center for Pre College Programs at New Jersey Institute of Technology. This past summer she was a SAT Tutor with Let's Get Ready - a program that aims to create a network of students helping students get to and through college.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

I could list many reasons for my love of working at Unfused but my favorite thing about Unfused is its cross-functional nature. This dynamic allows for an exploration of our different interests and support from fellow team members across functions. My experience at Unfused thus far has solidified my interest in understanding people. Whether it be anticipating a potential donors response, or understanding how best to approach a room of my peers. This has pushed me to broaden my horizons by taking on Psychology as a minor. With my experiences at American University and Unfused I hope to be involved as a management consultant or head of the department of human resources at a larger firm.

Known Around the Office For:

Her sassy quips. "No one’s said it, but I know. Everyone’s thinking it. Everyone."