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Hanna Porten


Hanna Porten

Hometown: North Andover, Massachusetts

College: American University '17

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

Prior Experiences:

Throughout High school Hanna worked for the non-profit Science Clubs for Girls and was a classroom instructor and leader. She also volunteer tutored for middle school students. Tutoring and working with students has become one of her favorite hobbies. Once coming to American University, Hanna continued this path and started working at the Academic Support and Success Center. She now tutors American University students in statistics and economics. She then learned about Unfused, she thought working with them would be a great opportunity to continue to pursue her passions about education and tutoring.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

I like being in an environment where everyone is passionate about making a change. Every single person who works at Unfused is extremely driven and it pushes me to work even harder. I am learning so much about working for a non-profit and about the business world in general. Working here makes me even more excited to enter the business world and solidifies my reasons for pursuing this degree. Especially if in the future I am lucky enough to encounter a work group as special as at Unfused.

Known Around the Office For: