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Miles Brickley


Miles Brickley

Hometown: Jamestown, NY

College: American University '17

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Prior Experiences:

Previously, Miles has worked as a Social Media Marketing specialist for Tint Press. His work at Tint Press solidified his interests in the fields of marketing and branding. Along with his work at Unfused, Miles also works as a Peer Mentor and Writing Tutor for the Kogod Center for Business Communications. At American University, Miles is an active part of the Lambda Nu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi - the professional business fraternity.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

My favorite thing about working at Unfused is the fact that I am gaining real, first-hand experience while simultaneously refining transferrable skillsets - all while working for an organization that gives back so much to the communities it works within. I have heard from my peers that some feel as though their work at their respective internships have very minimal impacts in the end. However, at Unfused, I am doing work that I feel genuinely makes a difference, and that makes everything I do feel worthwhile.

Known Around the Office For:

Overdressing for work