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Teddy McCullough


Teddy McCullough

Hometown: Lopez Island, WA

College: American University '15

Degree: Political Science

Prior Experiences:

Teddy comes from a very political background but loves working in organizations that make a difference in the community he is a part of. Before joining Unfused, Teddy worked for the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy for two and a half years as an intern for the Drug-Free Communities Support Program. Teddy is also passionate about education policy and even ran for school board in his local school district. While he lost the election narrowly, he continues to work towards improving the education system in our country.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

I really like working in a place where I can see my efforts materialize into something great, and Unfused offers such an environment. As someone who is very results-driven and entrepreneurial, I love being able to balance our fast-paced work with having fun.

Known Around the Office For:

Lip-syncing skills and bowties