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Zach Carr


Zach Carr

Hometown: Singapore, Singapore

College: American University '15

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

Prior Experiences:

Prior to Unfused I worked in a variety of positions, from cadet corps First Sergeant to legal intern with quite a few in between. All of my experiences in other fields, while valuable, ruled out that particular line of work for me. Unfused is work I finally enjoy through and through.

Favorite Thing About Unfused:

My favorite thing about working at Unfused is being surrounded by people who share a similar vision for accessible education. I love the fact that education is becoming more and more readily available to those that want it and am excited to be a part of that growth. I work in Development, but because Unfused is small, it affords me the opportunity to help and get experience in other departments. Everyone at Unfused is very much a part of the whole project.

Known Around the Office For:

Strange animal shirts